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PPC EVENTS is an EVENTS MANAGEMENT COMPANY (EMC) which was founded by Peter ULRICHTS in the year 2003, before Peter was working more than 14 years in the hotel business (Center Parcs - Antwerp Hilton - Curaçao Caribbean Hotel - Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque), after that he had the idea to create a "special" company, which was not simple, today PPC EVENTS is leader in the Canary Islands ( in Decoration elements & Special effects), it's still a small company but with very interested national & international clients… Just like Albert Einstein would say “IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE…” But not only “Imagination” is an important issue for us...we dedicate our job with Love, emotions, flexibility, a lot of patience and a superb service which goes into the smallest details on top of the details...

We have the experience and the ability to connect and to understand with any race or culture, we know that an event is an one way direction, there is no point of return. The passion and the ability to take charge of the flow of things make all the difference at the end.

What we do

PPC EVENTS is a full-service event planning, design, and coordination company based on the island Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. And since September 2014 also operating in the U.A.E. We are passionate about our work and we are committed to assist our clients with all aspects of the planning process from start to finish... Our professional team provides a superb service, all of them tailor made for each individual client. In the past we have served the most important people on this globe till the most normal people on earth, but for all of these clients there is only one GOAL for us, a SATISFIED CLIENT.

We are specialized in

Theme parties - Hindu Weddings - Special effects - DJ’s for any kind of event, nationality or race - Classic Entertainment & Digital Entertainment

About us

Peter and his team are involved from the beginning of an idea until the end of the production with the client and the event. Doing an event with PPC EVENTS is like having holidays!

Once upon a time, there was a little boy whom was a daydreamer, he dreamed about changing the world into one big happiness, now many years later, and due to his personal & professional experience this "little boy" is able to turn your dreams into reality, he convert himselfves into the ARCHITECT OF YOUR DREAMS...

Joel was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He became part of the team in May 2008, during the last years Joel was a very important "link" inside of the company which he proved in many occasions.

Nacido en argentina, llego a la isla de Tenerife en el año 2006 paso a formar parte de la empresa en el año 2016, Joel forma parte del equipo técnico de montaje, pero además destaca por sus dotes de reconstrucción y creación de materiales.

En el año 2012 entro a formar parte del equipo de Ppc events como artista. Después de varios años trabajando en este entorno, se unió a la parte administrativa de la empresa.

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